Weekly Purchase Review – Iron Man

Welcome to my Weekly Purchase Review. Each week I’ll be buying a game from Play N’ Trade or choosing a game from my (extensive) catalog of unplayed games I own and writing a couple sentence review for it. For my first entry in this series — and let’s be honest, possibly last — I’ll be reviewing Iron Man for the Xbox 360.

Before I start my review it should be noted that I’m a HUGE Iron Man fan. In fact, it was that fandom that lured me into purchasing the game for a measly 5 bucks.

Was it worth the 5 bucks?

No, not really. The only redeeming quality in the game is the fact that Iron Man is in (and voiced by Robert Downy Jr.). Every mission is more or less the same: fly to whatever has an orange marker on it and shoot it until it blows up. This task can get mind numbingly repetitive with only poorly animated cut scenes to split up the monotony of levels. I’m going to give this game a surprising 2/5 stars. Yeah, the game is ugly, redundant, and all around crappy but it has Iron Man in it so I can’t give it less than a 2.


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