Weekly Purchase Review – The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse

Welcome to the second installment of my Weekly Purchase Review. Each week (more or less) I’ll be buying a game from Play N’ Trade/Disc Replay or choosing a game from my (extensive) catalog of unplayed games I own and write a short review for it.

Now I know it’s been a little more than a week since my first and only other Weekly Purchase Review but quite frankly nobody reads this blog anyway so it’s a victimless crime. This week I’ll be reviewing The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse for the SNES which came out late 1992.

Of all the games that allow you to ride a giant tomato on a thorny vine in the sky, The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse is my favorite.

I used to rent this game all the time from Ken’s Video when I was little so when I saw it at Disc Replay I had to drop the $7.99.

The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse is a surprisingly fun platformer. You take control of Disney’s mascot in a journey to save Pluto from the clutches Emporer Pete. What separates it from other platformers of its time are the swappable costume power ups. As you progress through the game Mickey will don different costumes that each give him a different skill set. The wizard costume lets Mickey dispose of enemies with a burst of magic while firefighter Mickey can extinguish flames with a stream of water.

Much of my appreciation of this game stems from nostalgia but even so, the game is a fine piece of 90’s platforming. For those excited for Epic Mickey this is a great game to hold you over. A remake for the GBA came out also starring Minnie Mouse which might be easier to find.

4/5 Game Rating Units


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