Weekly Review — Kid Icarus

And another thing. I’m changing “Weekly Purchase Review” to just “Weekly Review”. I’ll no longer be reviewing games that I just bought; having all my games on The Grand List gives me a much larger pool of games to review…and it’s not like I ever reviewed games anywhere near the date I purchased it.

Having said that my next review is Kid Icarus, I bought this game LAST YEAR and I’m just getting to the review now.

It's a good thing that crumbling column is not supporting the stairs above it.

According to Urban Dictionary (the only thing more accurate than Wikipedia) when the term “Nintendo hard” it is describing a game that is “As difficult as a typical game for the original Nintendo Entertainment System (i.e., ridiculously difficult)”

All sorts of enemies block Pit's way up...like this jackass

It’s true, a lot of the NES games that I’ve been playing have been Nintendo hard and Kid Icarus is no exception. You play as Pit as you travel up to the heavens to defeat Medusa while fighting off hordes of enemies. The levels can begin to feel repetitive after awhile and the game can be a bit relentless at times with it’s difficulty.

It’s a fun game but it feels a little dated and I feel having grown up without a NES has spoiled my ability to find joy in games like Kid Icarus.

3.5/5 GRUs


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