The Problem With My Blog…

This is my blog though you wouldn’t be able to tell by reading the few articles I write. Both the general lack of articles as well as the quality I put forth in writing them make this fact evident.

My review of Kid Icarus comes to mind above all others. I wrote that when the goal of the Weekly Review was to be a very short but precise summary of my feelings towards a game.

Let me be blunt — I hated writing that review and it shows. Instead of describing any pertinent gameplay elements I merely mentioned that it was “Nintendo hard”. The entire review feels like 3 paragraphs of filler that I wrote more out of obligation to the blog than genuine interest in video games. I don’t disagree with the score I gave Kid Icarus, just the manner in which I wrote the review.

I followed Kid Icarus with a review of “You’re in the Movies” at the behest of a friend. This review has been the most enjoyable to write despite being one of the worst games I’ve played in some time. The review felt more personal as I was more direct with own disdain toward many of its shortcomings, which resulted in a review that was not as dry and witless as the one before it.

I can only hope that as I continue this blog I inject more charisma into my reviews and articles lest I fail to find inspiration in my own writing and quit the whole thing outright.


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