The Italian Job (1969)

The Italian Job. Most of you are probably familiar with the 2003 movie starring Marky Mark and the ever amazing Jason Statham. Well that fine piece of cinema was loosely based on this 1969 movie of the same name.

Charlie Croker, played by Michael Caine (Alfred (Batman’s butler)), just got out of prison and wastes no time planning his new heist. There are a lot of similarities between this film and the 2003 version: Italy, the Mini Coopers, the traffic jam, and the piles and piles of gold but that is pretty much where the similarities end. The 1969 version has a lot less subplots of backstabbing and revenge and focuses entirely on the caper itself.


Overall, I’d say the movie was enjoyable, it lacks the character tension that was introduced with Ed Norton’s role but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s an entertaining heist flick with no distractions and is worth a viewing.


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