Weekly Review — You’re in the Movies

January 11, 2011

At first glance “You’re in the Movies” might seem like a fun party game to play with some drunken friends. The game films you as you and your friends play mini games that use the Xbox Vision Camera and then strings all of those together in a pre-rendered movie trailer for everyone to watch at the end. Joy.

First of all, there is the matter of setup. If you want to play this game you’ll need to make sure you have a very neutral background; we had to hang sheets from the ceiling behind us in order to have it work at all. Then there is the matter of calibrating everything…first have it take a picture with no one standing in front of the camera and then have each playing character have their own picture taken. The entire series of events is a hassle that has to be done each time you put the disc in.

After that you’re asked to play a series of mini games either by yourself or with the other people you are playing with. The games are pretty similar; you are either running in place or swatting something at your side or some other mundane motion that the game needs to film you doing.

Finally, the game takes all the clips of all the players and puts it into a condensed movie based on the genre you picked at the beginning resulting in something that is mildly entertaining the first time and gets worse and worse the more you play.

The game comes bundled with the camera but if the developers really wanted you to have fun while playing this game they would have bundled it with a handle of Jack Daniels.

1.5/5 GRUs